Repairing Deep or Stretched Damage

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As a dedicated master dent technician, I am always studying and striving to fix dents that would normally get passed on by most technicians. Deep stretched metal is something that I have experimented with in the past using electricity from behind. Now there is a new finely tuned metal shrinking device that has hit the market and I am one of the first to get one. It allows me to repair even deeper stretched metal whereas before I would recommend the body shop. It works by accessing the back of the dent placing electric current to the metal, adding back carbon which actually tightens and shrinks the metal allowing me to work the dent out without creating an “oil can.” Oil canning is where the metal gets stretched and the finished result ends up leaving a large mound or floppy metal.

Here are a couple of recent jobs including one aluminum Ford Raptor pickup (yes it even works on ALUMINUM!) and an instructional video on how the machine works. The distributor had asked me to make a video to show others this new technology!  

Shelby Ford Raptor video click here

Subaru Deep Stretched Dent videoclick here

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